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ISO Certified

Usha electronics an ISO 9001-2008 certified company was started in 2000.

Prime concern is product development and production of energy conservation products.

For the past 11 years we have been desigining, developing and Marketing several energy conservation products that reaching around 100K CFL road lighting luminaries in india.

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Our Manufacturing setup is enriched with the 2000 square feet state of the art workshop including Two Independent Units for manufacturing of quality luminaries. Our experience and knowledge of lighting enables us to develop innovative lighting solutions meant for custom requirements. We can proudly say, If you have unique lighting requirement, we have a cost effective and most suitable solutions to match. Our well trained & experienced manpower compliments our infrastructure to enable us to provide the best quality & timely service to our customers.

We aim to provide right products for the right requirement. Quality products & services to support the task. 


Streetlight Networks, strategic but expensive assets

Streetlight networks are strategic assets for cities. Streetlights illuminate the roads we drive on, the pedestrian paths we walk along and the public areas where we gather. It provides us with safe roads, inviting public areas and enhanced security in our homes, businesses and city centers.
But the number of streetlights in a city and their wide geographic distribution make them difficult and expensive to operate: major source of energy consumption, increasing cost of electricity, lamp replacements every three years, manpower and service trucks for onsite maintenance operation and outdated lumionries to retrofit.


Streetlight.Vision, Less Energy, More Controls

To answer these issues, contribute to the development of more sustainable cities and enable ESCO contracts, Streetlight. Vision develop an open Streetlight Monitoring and Control Software that controls, monitor and program any powerline and radio-frequency electronic controllers and smart ballasts to:

  • Save up to 50% Energy and associated CO² Emissions: individual and grouped lamp dimming (step-less dimming) at any dimming level, at any fixed/sun related times
  • Provides Dynamic Outdoor Lighting scenario to dim up or down individual or group of lamps depending on traffic, weather conditions or presence
  • Enhance Maintenance Operation: automatic identification of failures, real-time control of any individual lamp, increase lamp lifetime, reduce onsite trips, remove night patrols, automatic generation of alarms and notification to operations managers and crews
  • Enhance the quality of your Lighting Services
  • Increase security and safety in the streets and on the roads
  • The Streetlight Vision is adopted by major Energy Services companies, ballast and LED manufacturers, manufacturers of Streetlight Control Technologies and by streetlight maintenance companies who resell it under their own brand name to their customers (municipalities, highway companies,...).
  • Every day, our Certified Resellers deploy Streetlight.Vision Segment Controllers for their customers. Thanks to its wide deployment around the globe, Streetlight. Vision now extends the scope of its application to provide SmartCity applications in partnership with providers of environmental sensors, parking place availability.