Energy Efficient Automatic LED Street Lights

The LED road lighting luminaries are available in 12W to 160W. Also the same is shipped with the most significant automatic facility, which switches ON automatically and switches OFF automatically, thus becoming a perfect solution for the street lighting in areas where street main is unavailable.

Energy Efficient LED Tube Street Lights

This new range of lighting systems make significant contribution to the energy saving and provide a safer and more comfortable environment. The Energy Efficient LED Tube road lighting luminaries are available in 40W/80W.

LED Solar Lanterns

Solar Lanterns are the most popular type of solar lighting systems. It is shipped with Solar PV modules of 8Wp/10Wp/12Wp, CFL of 5W/7W and battery of 12V 7Ah. Highly efficient double step solar charge controller protects battery form over charging and deep discharging. Usha Solar Lantern is available in different models depending upon the size of module and lamp.

LED Highmast,Minimast,Flood Lights & Poles

The skills of our qualified team of professionals, Our Company has achieved widespread recognition in providing LED Flood Light. These LED FLOOD LIGHTS have low electricity consumption and have sturdy construction. With our Best Quality, Fast Service and Better Customer Satisfaction We are going to reach other states of India Soon.

Energy Efficient LED Solar Street Lights

A battery based solar street light is a stand alone system, which will store electricity generated by solar panel in solar battery. Solar LED street light is powered by photo-voltaic panel, generally mounted on the light structure or integrated in the pole itself. There is also another type of street light called integrated solar street light. In both type of street lights, the photo-voltaic panel charge solar battery during day time, which powers LED lamp during night.

Energy Efficient LED DC & AC Drivers

Usha Electronics Systems has introduced a new series of AC-DC LED drivers designed to be integrated in indoor or outdoor lighting systems. This new generation of LED drivers offers different options for easy integration by producing bright light with no flickering effect, as well as 3 ways for output current dimming (0-10V/PWM/Resistor), also available on models with Manual Output Current Adjustments.

Award & Honours

The top selling supplier for KERALA SIDCO LIMITED in the financial year 2010- 2011. The biggest CFL street lighting project by a local body (In grama Panchayath Sector),The CFL streetlight project undertook by Aloor Gramapanchayath under "Samboorna vaidyudeekaranam" scheme for 45 lakh Rupees been awarded to Usha Electronics Systems in the current financial year.

Mobile Service Unit

Usha Electronics Systems is committed towards the goal of achieving total Customer satisfaction by assessing the actual need and requirement of the Customer, resorting to Prompt Delivery of Quality Streetlight fittings and Continual Improvement of the Quality Management System.Mobile service unit is a unique service facility to give all our customers with 100 % customer satisfaction.

Our Infrastructure

Our Manufacturing setup is enriched with the 2000 square feet state of the art workshop including Two Independent Units for manufacturing of quality luminaries. Our experience and knowledge of lighting enables us to develop innovative lighting solutions meant for custom requirements. We can proudly say, If you have unique lighting requirement.

Streetlight Networks, strategic but expensive assets

Streetlight networks are strategic assets for cities. Streetlights illuminate the roads we drive on, the pedestrian paths we walk along and the public areas where we gather. It provides us with safe roads, inviting public areas and enhanced security in our homes, businesses and city centers. But the number of streetlights in a city and their wide geographic distribution make them difficult and expensive to operate: major source of energy consumption, increasing cost of electricity, lamp replacements every three years, manpower and service trucks for onsite maintenance operation and outdated lumionries to retrofit.

A brand for future technology street lighting -"LUXION"

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We are ISO & BIS certified

Usha electronics a BIS & ISO 9001-2015 certified company was started in 2000. Prime concern is product development and production of energy conservation products. For the past 11 years we have been desigining, developing and Marketing several energy conservation products that reaching around 100K LED road lighting luminaries in india.